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Fishing Tip:

Be sure to bring a camera with you because you won't want to miss that picture of the " Big One" or any of the breath taking scenery on the French River


This page is a guide only.

The Ministry of Natural Resources view is that it is your responsiblilty to ensure that you comply with fishing rules and regulations.

Please familiarise yourself with the current rules and regulations for
Zone 11 and any Exceptions. that may apply.

Remember to stay within your Fishing Licence type allowance and obey the Slot limits to safegaurd fish poplulations.


Family Free Fishing Weekends 2015

Fishing Wolseley Bay

Spring, summer or fall the French River offers fishing trips and angler's packages and fishing lodge rates for all levels of angler. The varied river currents, depths and river bottoms create ideal conditions for many Ontario fish species. This is why fishermen find fishing The French River so exciting, you just never know when you might hook into a trophy fish. No matter what style of fishing you prefer, live bait, lures, spinners, or fly fishing, there's a fish out there for you.

Call 1 800 488 4964 for more details, cabins, available dates.

Ontario Family Fishing Events - license-free weekend
July 4-12, 2015 (12:01 a.m. Saturday to 11:59 p.m. Sunday)
for Canadian residents between the ages of 18 and 64 years.

Fishing tips for the Spring

Think about your spring fishing trip...... you are entering your boat in the early morning ..everything prepared... Yes! Of you go with your buddies looking for the first Walleye and Pike of your Ontario fishing trips. Taking a long left turn into the Wolseley River... the water level is still high so you will have no problem to pass the beaver dam and double S bend. Should you take your time and maybe troll slowly over the shallow river bank on the north side ... Have the days been nice enough to warm the water attracting some bait fish and active Walleyes? Or was it cold last week making it better to move to some deeper holes and jig along the structure for Walleye?

Do these starts too sound familiar
"last year it was 10 degrees warmer we caught Walleye already on worms".......pickerel,
              pike, musky
or...... "last year when we ere pike fishing we caught Pike only in deeper water, this year they are still in the shallow bays or close to the floodplains in the river"....

Every year it will be different and we help you out with actual and past weather information, updated tips about where and how for every time during the season.

There is some equipment you should have in your tackle box when you come to the French River: - Jigs (and Grubb Tails) in chartreuse, white and yellow, get some heavier ones as well if you are going in stronger current below the rapids. - Go getters, Worm harness (we have a variety of hand made for sale in the boat house), etc.

We will give you a map with updated fishing spots The Wolseley Lodge also arrange guided fishing tours for you. Our guides grew up here in the Wolseley Bay area and have 30 - 45 years of experiences. They will prepare a great shore lunch with your fresh caught Walleye or Pike. It´s a great way to start your fishing trip.

The Hook & Bullet Fishing Times Report for Wolseley Bay will help you identify the best fishing hours each day and increase your chance for success.



Northern Pike, Pickerel/Walleye
Lake Nipissing - New rules apply for Walleye
1st Jan to 3rd Sunday in March 2015
3rd Saturday of May to 31st December 2015
Muskellunge, Musky, Muskie 3rd Saturday of June to 15th December 2015

smallmouth and
              largemouth bass
Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass
4th Saturday of June to 31st December 2015
Sturgeon Season Closed All Year




Crappie Open All Year
No licence
              required - Fish Ontario Yellow Perch Open all year
Lake Nipissing - New limits apply
Channel Catfish Open All Year
Sunfish, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed Open All Year

(Wolsely Lodge GPS N 46 6.344, W 80 15.926)



Free use of the fish cleaning hut and fish freezing facilities.


Images Credit:Government of Ontario, Ministry of Natural Resources, Fish Identifcation Information





Sunfish, Crappie, Bluegill, Yellow Perch

Sunfish, Crappie, Bluegill




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